Mission, Vision and Core Values


The American School of Asuncion strives to be a model international learning community that empowers students to become responsible, proactive world citizens by providing a challenging and holistic education in a safe and caring environment.


ASA students will make the world a better place.

ASA’s core values

Respect -  All ASA community members will treat each other with respect since actions showing disrespect are contrary to the spirit of ASA. All personal and school property will be respected.

Integrity - All ASA community members will carry out their responsibilities with honesty and follow the Honor Code.

Excellence – All ASA community members will strive for excellence in teaching, learning, and in our relationships.

Empathy – All ASA community members will build positive relationships with each other, using empathy to preserve the physical, social, and emotional dignity of others. 

The two guiding principles below will help us achieve the goal of strengthening a learning community based on ASA’s Core Values:

Cooperation - All ASA community members must understand and agree to uphold the values of respect, integrity, excellence, and empathy. To that end, all rules and regulations will be followed to ensure an environment that is welcoming, safe, and where all community members feel like they belong. 

Accountability - All ASA community members are responsible for their actions and will be held accountable for them through school-determined consequences. A positive learning environment must be preserved, and our core values must prevail.