Guarani Language and Culture


The teaching of the Guaraní language promotes the development in students of the basic skills of oral and written comprehension and expression, to be able to communicate in the everyday context, depending on the level at which the student is. For which the principles and postulates of the communicative and textual approach will be applied.

Therefore, it is part of a program that privileges the social value in the use of the language, thus seeking to progressively improve the use of the language in a functional way. This also favors the enrichment of cultural experiences that allow the student to participate as a social agent in cultural interaction.

Guarani Program

This area focuses on two specific competencies, according to the MEC curricular proposal:

  • These competencies are specified in several capacities that make up the curriculum, broken down into each of the rooms that make up the curriculum of the disciplines in this area, from 1st to 11th grade.
  • With the aim of promoting the traditional and folkloric values ​​of Paraguay, the Folklore Day Festival is traditionally held at the ASA, which informs and entertains our entire community, and a Karu Guasu day. Folklore is the expression of a people's culture, and we celebrate it with music, dance, traditional clothing and songs. Karu Guasu honors the country's gastronomic culture, with the purpose of demonstrating and tasting the typical foods of Paraguay.