High School

High School

The ASA High School provides a rigorous program of courses for students in grades 9 through 12. The high school follows a college-preparatory program that challenges students to meet the highest standards of excellence and prepares them for study at U.S. and Paraguayan institutions of higher learning. The ASA High School of over 200 students represents a world-class college preparatory education.  Every year several students from other schools in Asunción and from International and American Schools around the world join us at ASA. These students contribute to our already strong and vibrant body of students who have been at ASA throughout their educational experience.

The overall program at ASA is built around four key areas: Academics, Arts, Activities, and Athletics. The high school takes pride in delivering on the ASA mission of excellence in both the US and Paraguayan programs in a child-centered and caring environment. ASA is proud to help young men and women grow to become responsible people and future leaders. ASA is committed to continuing to be a leader not only in Paraguay but in the region as a high-performing school that keeps the needs of the students first and foremost.

ASA offers a strong academic program with extensive course offerings that include required courses in: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Castellano, Estudios Sociales, Guaraní, and Health. Students also select from Advanced Placement courses which include: AP Spanish Literature, AP Spanish Language, AP US History, AP Modern World History, AP Calculus AB,  AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP Studio Art, and AP Comparative Government. Elective courses include College Prep Math, Physical Education, Journalism, Technology, French, Portuguese, Art, Vocal, Strings, Guitar, Band, and Drama.  High School students also participate in structured Service Learning and Advisory programs that include in and out-of-school service activities. Each year approximately one-half of the graduating class attends college in the United States while virtually all of the other students attend college in Paraguay making for a nearly 100% college placement rate.

There is an extensive Arts and Activities program which includes an annual musical theatre production.  In addition, students present two concerts each school year and compete in events such as debates and musical contests with other schools in Asuncion. Service opportunities allow students the chance to grow personally while helping others less fortunate. ASA is also proud to be part of the National Honor Society which recognizes outstanding students who are leaders in high schools around the world.

Finally, ASA is recognized as having one of the finest athletic programs in the city of Asuncion. Each year the senior class at ASA hosts Intercolegial which is an event that includes more than twenty schools from across Asuncion who compete in soccer, basketball, volleyball, futsal, and handball. ASA in turn competes in more than ten major sports tournaments in the city of Asunción. Each year ASA travels to Brazil to compete in the Big Eight sports tournament.